onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Strasbourgsession: Cypern och EUs utrikestjänst

Här kan du läsa mer om EUs utrikestjänst och det som pågår på europaportalen.se.

Carl Bildts reflektioner kring Cypern: Alla dessa dagar.

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CALIBER Advertising and Marketing sa...

Please see this.
Just a small sample of what actually happened in Cyprus.
Please enlight you colleagues regarding the unfair treatment of Cyprus and its devestating results of Turkey's invasion and occupation of 39% of Cyprus island.
Bear in mind that we were never separated from Turkish Cypriots and that they were forcibly moved from Turkish Secret Services (MIT during 1963 and 1974. 200000 greek-cypriots were also forcibly moved from their land. 80%+ of the occupied land belongs to Greek-cypriots. 82% of the population were greek-cypriots. 18% Turkish cypriots that in nowadays were had to leave the country because of Turkey's policy of bringing settlers from Anatolia (eastern Turkey) to occupied Cyprus. Now the numbers in the occupied area are 350000+ settlers and from 120000 Turkish-Cypriots in 1974, now they are no more than 100000+-.
We need your help. We both communities want to live and enjoy our country and not having demolished by Turkey our rights.